Got a great book on John Singer Sargent for xmas, he's fricking good, which is most art historian's exact opinion. Anyway, I don't do shit on boxing day so it prompted a study after his lady with a rose in ink.



Full English

I'm working on a project based on this cafe in my area, I've pretty much become a regular, have my same table, same seat, same thing to eat.  I sit there and draw eat breakfast and when I've finished that, get through a lot of tea.  I'm getting chubby.
Some of the drawings I put onto a screen with some block coloured backs, which worked quite well, none of them were in registration.



They came in search of the American dream...

I was in America for a few weeks a while back and should have drawn way more than I did, staying in Michigan, Chicago for a bit and went down to Miami, was great. 
This was drawn whilst in Michigan.


What Am I

I have a whole load of self portraits I did in oils for a recent project, I rarely do self portraits so might find some more excuses to be self obsessed and whatnot. I'll be sure to get the rest of the portraits up a bit later too.


Drawing prompted by Sage Francis.


On the train...

Drawings from the trains. People like being drawn you see. That's why they get up and move.