Motherless Children

Motherless children have a hard time when mother is dead.


The Rose Of Tralee

Her long hair black as a raven,
Oh how we danced and you whispered to me,
You'll never be going back home.


Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Hey Charlie, I'm pregnant.
Merry Christmas to all the Jews, Hindus and Muslims.



Sometimes I just be drawing them hoes.



I can see better with my ears than most people can see with their testicles.



Photos from a photoshoot me and Pedro did with Mr. Ducktail at Something Hell's for a book on Rockers by this photographer Horst A. Friedrichs. I spent most of the time trying not to laugh and battling blinky eyes and trying to look like that isn't my Dad waiting for me on the sofa and he's going to pay for me when I'm done and then he's going to take me out for ice cream.

I kind of wish that did all actually happen.


Throne of Bones

This is collection of bones and stuff for this new project I'm doing on something, not quite sure what it's about yet...feeling it out. I'm taking some enamels to one of the skulls some time today. And yes the crows feet are gross to me too.

Seal Ceiling

Seal ceiling peels.



James Jean Makes Me

Went to a talk yesterday at the ICA...James Jean and Tara McPherson, totally sold out. Man he is aight I guess. Whatever. The talk was only half an hour though and I wanted to buy a signed copy of PR3, but he was only selling a teacup and saucer, which I almost bought for like a buck three eighty and I took nothing to sign, which was lame. So I had to cop some Fables and he did his thing in my sketchbook and his hair is mad shiny and long...like Lui Kang, but with paints.


Ask Blind Willie

Blind Willie McTell acrylic on wood. A bit over cautious when painting it and should have been a bit more impressionistic, but isn't. I'm not happy with this one but thus is life.


Blue Seeds

1950's mask I acquired. It's black and red look. The ONLY reason I won't wear it in public is because it smells a bit odd.


Jimmy D

Pencils for 1 of an open series of commissions of dead famous people. I started in pencil but I do wan to paint them expressionist like, but I don't think it'll work so, I'm going to pencil them and then do some acrylic washes and things, maybe a bit of gesso who knows. I'm doing them on Fabriano Artistico because if I'm going to paint or colour it'll take it well. I'm keeping them simple for now because I'm scared to do anything else for now, tight schedule says so. I started with James Dean because he was the coolest one out of all of them and if I was a girl...aw yeah.


Frankie Baby

I'm picking out key points from Frank's Wild Years and developing the image of Frank based various interviews and and maybe a bit of Sinatra. Running with the accordion player part (even though it is chronologically incorrect - Frank finds an accordion later in a dustbin after skipping town) but the main point is that accordions are boss.


Broken Umbrellas

Frank Settled Down In The Valley...

Lonesome Train

Some general drawings, which I might use later as models for people in later drawings/paintings for 9th and Hennepin and things of that nature.

Glitter and Doom

A quick drawing of Tom Waits, the face is a bit off (the eyes, nose and mouth and the head shape mainly) but it's a drawing of Tom Waits. (Who is releasing a live album and there's a 8 track promo download on his website and I think you should download it)



Study after Saul Tepper...I'm trying to get my painting and colour mixing up to scratch. I'm also adding men with hats to my repertoire, because not many people wear the hat anymore and I can't because it will make for a flat quiff and greasy hat lining, thus I will paint the hat instead.



Study after Dean Cornwell. I'm looking at a bunch of traditional American illustrators for this project on 9th and Hennepin. They are cool and I want to be them (but not in a dead way) just wear suits and draw equally cool people wearing suits in the dark and have a mildly successful career and a mustache.


DOOM is God (kind of), but bald and fat and black and that. I fashioned a mask out of a replica helmet for a fancy dress soirée. It bruised the shit out of my nose by the end of the night and I had to stop wearing it, I say the end of the night, it was pretty early on. I cut up an old leather belt and attached it to make the holdy head bit. I need to sort the nose issue though, unless i want to look like Apollo Creed after he fought with Rocky.

Golden Axe

Look a gnome. I made it in America. I say made it, I painted it and that was it. It's a brown gnome by the way.


Prostitute Donuts

Well I had two of my sketchbooks along with the entire contents of my bag yoinked from a cloak room at a club by some strain of ninja, thus here's to a new beginning.


Inside a broken clock

(Q: What are Raindogs?): "Eh... I don't know... you can get 'em in Coney Island. They're little eh... It's eh... They come in a bun. And eh... It's just water in a bun. That's all... It's a bun that's been... It's a bun without a hot-dog in it. (laughs) It's just... it's been left out in the rain and they're called a Raindog. And they're less expensive then a standard hot-dog..."