Pencil and Gouache finished in Photoshop

Just finished these illustrations for the 2nd issue of Playground magazine for a burlesque feature. First one turned out the best I think, after that I was just chasing the dragon. Thank you Tia for asking me to draw boobs tatianawoolrych.blogspot.com


Kiss Me Deadly

Did this to cover a crap drawing I was embarrassed because it was so poo so I gessoed it and did this in colouring pencils and gloss medium see. the gloss medium picked up the pencil of the paper a bit and smoothed out the tone, which worked out alright, I might try it again i think.


Some bird

Pencil, Ink and Acrylic on Paper

I figured I'm going to use the airbrush more, I didn't put it back together properly when I cleaned it last. It blasted my drawing and I had to make it look intentionally messy. Result.
New DOOM album. Disappointing.




Ink on Paper

Another airbrush (slightly rushed but better than the first) trial from my sketchbook of Doc Holliday.
He liked whisky and poontang.



Me and Saddam.

Hear Hear.



Ink on Paper

I decided to crack out my airbrush, I haven't touched it for yonks and it was pretty messed up since I didn't clean it the last time I used it.
Here's a bit of Wyatt Earp, his hobby is pistol whipping democrat bitches, that's just how he rolls. And he's got one of the pimpest tashes in the west.