Inside the Lines

"I had this style ever since I was a child." - D. Dumile

Not quite, I don't tend to use the 'I draw like a child draws' style anymore, mainly because I'm not a child and their are chances that it can come across straight retarded if you do it badly.  But I give daps for those that can successfully capture the uninhabited thought patterns of a toddler.

I found this folder with some drawings I did as a kid, it's not big but it's got some stuff in...EARLY MASTERPIECES YES. 
'Wolveorine' - Mixed Media on Paper (1994)

This piece entitled 'Wolveorine' was constructed at the tender age of six.  Notice the animal instinct captured on the face of 'Wolveorine', which just cries future teenage angst to come.  His pants sit high on his waist insinuating he is ready for battle however, the model doesn't have his claws out in this piece, suggesting an atypical approach and a more sensitive side to a man famous for being overly aggressive.  His girthy stature is a comment on capitalism and a hatred towards the bourgeoisie is what I thought when I was six.  Notice how Wolveorine creates the gesture of a phone with his left hand as if saying 'Call me' and has the meanest bunny rabbit ear trim on his booties. 

I'm 95% sure I traced this.  I don't think I traced the colouring in part though.

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  1. HAHAHA THIS IS AMAZING! i love the fact he's called 'wolveorine', and his booties are the baddest! top marks kiddo.