Tae-Bo Ho

Photos I've stolen from other people of the 'Real Life' Exhibition, which went swimmingly, despite my bills peeling off a bit. The comic ended up roughly 12m x 2m. Look at Bowman seeing the strip for the first time, laughing on the outside and shriveling up on the inside. The response I got was "I don't Kickbox, I do Thai Boxing". Yes because that is totally different, yes it's Kickboxing in Thailand. Not to be confused with Tae Bo of course (an intense 90's workout mixing Tae Kwon Do and Boxing and Spandex), but knowing Paul, which I don't, I only know his teaching alter-ego, he does Tae-Bo and passes it off as Thai Boxing.

Now a small quote from the labyrinth of rap lyrics that is my noodle:

Peace out dun.


This Gun For Hire

Pencil on Hahnemüle

I haven't drawn anything good in ages for I have been doing uni work. Well uni is over and so I thought I would draw something with some type of boobs in it since I apparently like to draw boobs only. Veronica Lake is hot.
Was hot.
When she was in her prime.
I'm not into aged boobs that much.


Pressure Drop

I changed the ending, as it was a bit too much, so I've gone for something a little more subtle and true.  Plus there's a cameo at the end by the class hunk Ollie - because I know how much of a fan Bowman is of said person.  Ollie works out.  Look at his curly locks.


Peanut Butter

Doing nothing is doing nothing wrong.


Another one, I need to tie them together with some narrative work still.  'Tis tedious.


Another spread from the comic, this might be the first spread/cover.


Art School is a Shark Pool

Here's a double page spread for that mixed media comic.  It took me all day, I thought it might take a few hours.  I'm slow.
Might change the last panel to make it more subtle and maybe not shank him, this might just be an alt ending.  The more I read it the more lame it becomes, so I might have to change it. And maybe add colour or at least change give it a colour overlay.


A Comic

So it's my last project of the year and I've decided to make a mini comic on idling. I have a week to do it in or I will fail the year. FUN. I'm about to start...tomorrow...evening. It's going to a monologue type gripe rant fed up satire Crumby Saccoesque type gig. It will hopefully be funny and not end up racist or anything else along those lines. This is some of the prelim work what I did.