Tae-Bo Ho

Photos I've stolen from other people of the 'Real Life' Exhibition, which went swimmingly, despite my bills peeling off a bit. The comic ended up roughly 12m x 2m. Look at Bowman seeing the strip for the first time, laughing on the outside and shriveling up on the inside. The response I got was "I don't Kickbox, I do Thai Boxing". Yes because that is totally different, yes it's Kickboxing in Thailand. Not to be confused with Tae Bo of course (an intense 90's workout mixing Tae Kwon Do and Boxing and Spandex), but knowing Paul, which I don't, I only know his teaching alter-ego, he does Tae-Bo and passes it off as Thai Boxing.

Now a small quote from the labyrinth of rap lyrics that is my noodle:

Peace out dun.

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