So I'm riding the train today. I pick a seat in a near empty carriage opposite a neo-nazi. I then took it upon myself, because I was so excited about being near to a skinhead of the bad kind not the cool kind that I turned my ethnically confused face towards him and have a little draw whilst shitting my spic look-alike pants. I like his badge. I don't think he likes stars.



Drawing of Veronica Lake just for practice, proportions on the face aren't quite right - hence why I am drawing for practice.

Crossroad Blues

Some prelim work for a comic on the legend of Robert Johnson. I've just started it, I'm going with a rough and basic style because it's a lot of drawing and it's a good story to work with, so no words necessary, this is a silent one. And I hope I can get it ready for Comica and will if I can stop sleeping all day. It should be fine though, can't go wrong with a man who sings openly about ejaculation and beating and shooting women with rifles. Great Man.



I tried airbrushing after a long time and this is what came out, Sloth from the Goonies, but I salvaged what I could with a brush and ink. The mouth is at the wrong angle too and I had a stroke from working so large - yeah, A2 is like life-size for me. I think I might do some more airbrushing once I've coughed up this session's ink.



A drawing of a Gippo on Day of the Dead.



Look a Minstrel. I'm not trying to be racist, so I would appreciate it if coloured people didn't take offence to this. Thank you.


Ni Aquite te Olvidare!

Study after Posada. I look a bit Mexican. Putos.


Flight of the Finch

I haven't been drawing much and now I'm a bit shit, so now I'm going to draw loads so I can be average again and scrape average grades next year.