Inside a broken clock

(Q: What are Raindogs?): "Eh... I don't know... you can get 'em in Coney Island. They're little eh... It's eh... They come in a bun. And eh... It's just water in a bun. That's all... It's a bun that's been... It's a bun without a hot-dog in it. (laughs) It's just... it's been left out in the rain and they're called a Raindog. And they're less expensive then a standard hot-dog..."



Some live art at Nottinghill Carnival a few years ago around the time when Richard Pryor died, it was around his death anniversary. It turned out alright but the light was bad when I was drawing from projection, which is why the proportions are off and it was hot that day and I ended up finishing it in the dark and I went for the open bar a bit and the airbrush got completely clogged and then I ate some biscuits and then someone stole said biscuits.


Frank's Wild Years

Beginning of a new project on Frank's Wild Years, which I'm going to be illustrating, and should be doing Rain Dogs and Walking Spanish too if I'm lucky.


Son Of Dave

A photo from the Son of Dave gig at Charlotte St. Blues Bar. He is amazing and small and wears a hat and ill fitting suits.


Freshly Squeezed

There's a piece of my work featured in Freshly Squeezed Magazine for UAL Freshers Week, all thanks to Tia who put it together, go to her blog now alright, a lot of good design lurking there.


Pages from my Comicraze submission. Not Sure about the last page or the text on the first page, but it's better than nothing. It's based around a selection of stories I've heard learning harmonica over the summer.



Found these photos in one of my Dad's old albums. I stole them. I tried to find out who the guy in the last photo was, all I know is that he was once the most tattooed man in the world and that he had when he was younger been affiliated with the Krays...maybe or something...no name, I'm definitely only trying to look cool with this post and claim credit for something I had nothing to do with. Anyway my Dad looks like Jools Holland and Paul Whitehouse's illegitimate child.



Amen to that.

Smokestack Lightnin'

I got home the other day and there was a house on fire nearby. Not so long ago the house opposite mine burnt down because the peoples were drugs dealers and their lamps in the loft caught fire...well the point is the po-lice seized some high grade and I could have picked up from across the road from some vietcong, but didn't know. Also, when I was a kid, this kid at my school burnt his house down because he left the grill on after making cheese on toast and I quite like cheese on toast so I'm sure it was worth the grief.

Oldies But Goodies

thought I would post some old drawings that I never did post. I used gouache in a Moleskine at this time, which doesn't work now because they are scrags who couldn't wipe their arses with their own cheap paper.



And so I tattooed Jim. I don't have a good photo of it, but it worked and took ages because the needle was a tad too small. It definitely says 'Pheobe'. Also did half a dart on Sam's knee, which looks like a cigarette. I ended up sober, everybody else drunk...then quiffery happened as per usual in a seemingly homoerotic way.