Tried out mixing some oil with biro on paper, worked alright.

Dud Perks

Dudley Perkins taken a while ago at the Stones Throw 10th anniversary.



I'm on this white ink ting. Looking at Phil Hale and Memling when I was doing this one. It's of Charon the ferryman of the newly deceased across some river so they can be dead on the other side of the river and he takes their eye money but doesn't see a penny because he's getting pimped by Hades or summin. In other news I'm going to be working with more text because I think it's what a lot of my stuff is lacking. It doesn't say stuff.


Et In Terram Ibis

Dead stuff on a memento mori tip, done with plaster in a sugar skull mould, still contemplating doing some more inking over this one, it's a bit bland at the mo', but I don't want it to get mexican or overly decorative. I've got another one on the go so I should have a set by the end.


Dead Christ

Study of Dead Christ by Gregorio Fernandez thats now at the National Gallery's Sacred Made Real, which is not good to hang around and draw in, but it did have one of my fav paintings ever in it, which is usually at the gallery anyway so whatever.


God's Son

Oh my God look a painting of the son of God for a project, because I'm so religious and shit. The body was a monoprint, which I painted over partially (mostly).
As planned, I am behind on work, so I need to like do something. Unfortunately work doesn't equate with rebel status.


The Beauties, the Virtues, The Graces

Our Father who art in nature must have a great and overwhelming love for no-goods and blots-on-the-town and bums.

Slaggy T

Portrait of Nat by yours truly. Portrait of penis by Guy and Billy (collaborative effort).



As sure as your shadow plagiarises your next move
the two backed beast doth await shuteye.


Part of this Death gig. I read about milk as a fixative on Francis Vallejo's blog and thought I'd try it out. Apparently used by Goya and it's archival. The milk dries like a thin gloss medium with a slight yellowing, it's a shit load cheaper than gloss medium and I'm broke as a joke so I'm all over it.


Playground II

Commission for a bunch of these are getting printed onto canvas and I have been instructed to do two more to make up 6, because 6 hoes looks better than 4 hoes, but hey, can't complain, I am partial to increasing the hoe rate in most scenarios. Well this makes 5, so one more to do...it's 5am, my eyeballs are melting and I'm bogling to Pharcyde. Bogling is like my favourite past time next to mild racism and idling. Ya Mama got a glass eye with the fish in it.