Yesterday I photographed David for reference to paint him. I didn't get as many as I wanted, so I might try and takes some more. I ended up using flash for a lot of them due to poor lighting, but they came out good, I might take some more with a little more direction or get some more formal poses or maybe not.


Black Hearts

A little airbrush practice working on the DOOM project. Looks like I'm going to be making a metal slipcase for the vinyl, as the metal fingers and chromed out grill need a matching record...so there should be some welding and engraving happening sometime soon, working on the specs now.



So the materials fees for UAL are £100 right? Word on the street was it was actually £90 and they were failing to correct students and pocketing the change. SO...I paid the £90 quid, gave a little wink and chipped off home then some months later received a letter...
Send in the Bailiffs! I got a jar full of coppers that must be a tenner or you can have one of my paintings for £20 then you owe me £10, I'll invoice you in a letter...


Chrome Dome Glisten

...He came with more rhymes than molecules in air...(brush)

Yes, after a brief hiatus the airbrush has been cracked out and is probably going to be the weapon of choice for the 'Born Like This' coverart. This was the first attempt after a while and some of the stenciling isn't too clean, but it's aight...This is just in black on white paper, I was thinking of working back in with white FW, but was way too scared to balls it up. Hopefully taking this stuff to much bigger canvases, for little mistakes look much bigger on a small scale.


Into This

Some manipulated stills from 'Born Like This. I messed around with colouring black and white stills and then overlaying them and cutting them up and stuff. For this DOOM coverart I might not draw or paint or anything like that, but I probably will. I've latched onto the whole Bukowski theme, likening the character of DOOM to Hank, - the scarred face and whatnot, being a recluse and mastermind at that.


Born Like This

This is for the redesign of DOOM's 'Born Like This' since Eh? did a pretty shite job of it despite doing good stuff before, mainly on Prince Po's album, but they've kind of fallen off. Found out that DOOM named it after Bukowski's 'Dinosauria, We' and got a proper boner when I realised that the Buke is actually on the album reading the poem and I hadn't noticed because I slept on the album hard when I shouldn't have. Anyway I'm gay for doing that and this is a still from the movie 'Born Into This'.

Tried out some new techniques colouring on photoshop on a black and white painting in acrylic, mainly because I can't mix colour when I paint and washes over acrylic don't work. I used a flesh base with white and red then used a blue overlay, all guess work and pretty stoked that it worked I'm gonna use this a lot more.

PS. I'm also doing some single covers. Batty Boyz is one no doubt. I don't know about the others yet... Gazzillion Ear and another who knows.



Other stuff that I didn't take out. Part of some collabo work with Adam, which is why it doesn't make sense yet, it might end up here later.


Some painting I did for a comic and then cut it out of the comic.