Born Like This

This is for the redesign of DOOM's 'Born Like This' since Eh? did a pretty shite job of it despite doing good stuff before, mainly on Prince Po's album, but they've kind of fallen off. Found out that DOOM named it after Bukowski's 'Dinosauria, We' and got a proper boner when I realised that the Buke is actually on the album reading the poem and I hadn't noticed because I slept on the album hard when I shouldn't have. Anyway I'm gay for doing that and this is a still from the movie 'Born Into This'.

Tried out some new techniques colouring on photoshop on a black and white painting in acrylic, mainly because I can't mix colour when I paint and washes over acrylic don't work. I used a flesh base with white and red then used a blue overlay, all guess work and pretty stoked that it worked I'm gonna use this a lot more.

PS. I'm also doing some single covers. Batty Boyz is one no doubt. I don't know about the others yet... Gazzillion Ear and another who knows.

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