So the materials fees for UAL are £100 right? Word on the street was it was actually £90 and they were failing to correct students and pocketing the change. SO...I paid the £90 quid, gave a little wink and chipped off home then some months later received a letter...
Send in the Bailiffs! I got a jar full of coppers that must be a tenner or you can have one of my paintings for £20 then you owe me £10, I'll invoice you in a letter...


  1. Stuart this is so jokes, I've been asking how much the students pay here at Bern and its around £700 pounds for the Uni fees with no material fees [they even get an extra table and monitor to connect their macbooks to]. Oh the Printing is also free,

    Makes me realise how much money we're actually paying at UAL.

  2. £700?! no way. Man UAL are raping us, we would be better off in any German speaking country, even Germany. I'm going to class tomorrow, let's see if I'm allowed to sit in it, as I have been forbade, I might hold out paying these misers a bit just for kicks.

    Hope all's well for you over there dude, take advantage of that free printing while you can. It's a jungle out here.