Wax Off.

Wax on wood with oil. Tried melting some wax on one of the panels I did earlier. Ideally colour would be added pre wax, but I wanted to see how it would take, the colour here was added in Photoshop. I want to keep the wax as the last step in the process so the waxed panel can be the final outcome, it will be a lot more interesting to exhibit come showtime.


Jesus built his own cross

A couple pages from my idling project. So far, I've been mainly reading for it. Tom Hodgkinson's 'How To Be Idle' is like my bible and there's plenty of good stuff by Oscar Wilde and other goodfornothings , which you should read if ever you have the time. But now I'm ready to take that research into production. The first page is some writing and thoughts and stuff, most of my sketchbook is text based up to now, second is a drawing of Loulou Pidooh from Something Hell's. The outcome is going to be paste-ups, which is something I ended on last year and I'm carrying on that same project. Hopefully have it well under way by the weekend and all pasted up by the end of next week.


6x2 Blues

After photographing David, one of the first oil studies. Using John Foster's palette, didn't go as planned, but pulling out colour with a stylus worked over painting highlights and hairs, which is a technique I might use more often. Probably abandoning oils from now on though and going to work acrylics in black and white and render the colour in Photoshop. Need to combine these studies and getting familiar with his face with blues themes, songs, stories and abstractions.

Up Jump The Devil

Painting David, Originally was going to use oil, but I'm way too unfamiliar with it. Pushing around colour a lot makes it pretty muddy, so I got way more practice to do in using it. I think this project might go down either a drawing/photoshop route.



They know who they are like a shoutout.


Figaro Figaro

The DOOM set for Taste of Sonar was pretty damn good. It WAS him, which in many ways I was kind of bummed out about, because I wanted something to kick off, but hey. 40 minutes late he sent out a DOOMbot, before jumping on stage himself. I got pretty close to the front, where there was an abundance of hyped up refugees and dance trulls. Good gig though.


DOOM from the Womb

He came with more rhymes than molecules in air...brush, again. DOOM on canvas, took way longer than I thought it would. It's a decent size (30x40"), so I shall have a good time getting that into uni in rush hour and back home whilst being barged by polecats and the alike. I used acrylic washes for the green, applied using a brush and airbrush, and then airbrushed over with black in and freehand stencils. I want to get some white accents on the mask to make it shine a bit, but since it took so look I am pretty dubious that I will succeed in doing it well. In other news, the DOOM gig is on friday and I'm pretty stoked to get some snaps for the project nah mean.


Dying because of this

Some quick sketches for the 'Born Like This' cover using stills from 'Born Into This', the first one is an idea for the steel sleeve, which would be lasered and the following few are for the inner cover. A bit tame for the album, but I wanted to try steering clear of the mask, but it might have to be done, this is all a bit too nice for the supervillain. Plus it reminds me of this poster by Jeremy Deller, which isn't good, I think I need to get same hand-drawn type in there.


The Vulture


A study of David from one of the reference photos I took. I attempted to use an oil technique used by John Foster, which involves a palette of Pthalo Blue, Raw and Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and Titanium White. It kind of worked at first in the sketching stages, but I think this one got a bit muddy. I ended up adding some extra glazes in Photoshop to finish it. Oil is still well over my head, I might stick to monochrome and digital colouring to be safe, as I am a retard when it comes to mixing.