Idle man

Messing around with colouring pencil drawings on photoshop for the comic I'm making on idling. I've figured out how to change the line colour wherever I need, but with a background colour I lose the vividness of colour. It might be an alpha channel + delete thing, I gotta mess around with it. I've set myself 2 days in which to complete it. I also tried doubling up the linework and offsetting, which makes it a bit less weak. And a paint layer for tone. Oh 15 days to deadline, oh how you shit on my chest and rub it in. Panic Schmanic, I spent the last week watching the Cleveland Show and urinating a lot.


Cold Lampin'

I haven't got nothing ready to post, so some pics from P.E. @ Brixton Academy a while ago. Supporting acts were Edan, Kool Keith and Anti-pop Consortium, so it was pretty sick. It's the roughest hip-hop gig I've been to ever, I left with a scratch on my arm which took a suspicious amount of time to heal (I was like shit, I hope I don't have the AIDS) and a dude said he was going to rip my fucking head off. But I forgave that four-eyed mulatto, he didn't know how gutter I am. Too much violence in hip-hop wyooooooh.



Second go at stylising the mask and I decided to go with a mixture of DOOM and the 60's Dr. Doom. This is only a mockup of the style, there's a lot of pencil marks still in there and it needs to be rendered cleanly. Airbrushed in blue originally, the blue/red is added through a colour burn later. I'm going to use this one for publicity for the record and going to get it lasered onto the metal sleeve (which means it's going to have to be half toned OR inked just just linear in one colour, but it should be aight). Going to get a bit more of an airbrushed smoke vibe going in the background, probably red or white text or both. There was supposed to be a third eye there too, but I didn't have the circle stencils to do it, , but I will get that in the next one. I hope. A few more weeks left of uni and we're free.


Sweat Bullets

Hardcore porn, did his own stunts. Mock up of an idea for DOOM's 'Born Like This' cover. I spent ages trying to stylise the mask away from the current Gladiator one. Since I'm working the inside cover towards an outer-space theme by putting DOOM in the context of Bukowski's 'Dinosauria, We', DOOM finds himself escaping earth on a space platform before the end of days - I was trying to make an updated space DOOM. After much sketches I decided to take it back instead. This is airbrushed with freehand shields, I'm going to play around with the dimensions of the mask and maybe add some stuff, but I think this is where I'm going with it.

In other news, the sleeve which it goes in, which is mild steel, has just been finished - so I'm pretty stoked to see what it looks like. I'm going to check it out today, file the edges and polish it up then get it ready to be lasered.



Drawing of David in pencil. I wanted to mess around with Photoshop colouring on a pencil drawing. I was intending for the colour in this to be waaaay more subtle, but shit happens. I started adding bits and tweaking things. I wasn't going to have the glow from the match light, but it happened at some point and I was like that's a keeper son. Process was pretty organic, but it's totally not what I intended to do. Maybe a bit too polished for my liking. Nevertheless, I digress. Yes.


Not to do

But to be, not to merely be, but to become. The Gods live as thus.
First paste up is ready, this is a mockup of colour, which will be inked after printing. Started of as a pencil drawing, scanned in, blocked in darks and halftoned. Still need to sort out some text for it, until then I'm going to start on the next series of pasteups. I might change the skin colour as the white beard and skin make my buddy here look like Papa Smurf. Idleness is Godliness kiddies.