Second go at stylising the mask and I decided to go with a mixture of DOOM and the 60's Dr. Doom. This is only a mockup of the style, there's a lot of pencil marks still in there and it needs to be rendered cleanly. Airbrushed in blue originally, the blue/red is added through a colour burn later. I'm going to use this one for publicity for the record and going to get it lasered onto the metal sleeve (which means it's going to have to be half toned OR inked just just linear in one colour, but it should be aight). Going to get a bit more of an airbrushed smoke vibe going in the background, probably red or white text or both. There was supposed to be a third eye there too, but I didn't have the circle stencils to do it, , but I will get that in the next one. I hope. A few more weeks left of uni and we're free.