Sweat Bullets

Hardcore porn, did his own stunts. Mock up of an idea for DOOM's 'Born Like This' cover. I spent ages trying to stylise the mask away from the current Gladiator one. Since I'm working the inside cover towards an outer-space theme by putting DOOM in the context of Bukowski's 'Dinosauria, We', DOOM finds himself escaping earth on a space platform before the end of days - I was trying to make an updated space DOOM. After much sketches I decided to take it back instead. This is airbrushed with freehand shields, I'm going to play around with the dimensions of the mask and maybe add some stuff, but I think this is where I'm going with it.

In other news, the sleeve which it goes in, which is mild steel, has just been finished - so I'm pretty stoked to see what it looks like. I'm going to check it out today, file the edges and polish it up then get it ready to be lasered.

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