From the Heart of Bed Stuy

Spec Boogie gig last week in Notting Hill. Set was fully done with a live band, no pre-recordings at all and he completely held it down considering it seemed mostly impromptu. Definitely a name to look out for...listen out for him too, get hold of mixtapes, whatever you can or you missing out.



This is my redesign for the front and inside covers for DOOM's 'Born Like This', it's an all made up deluxe double vinyl with steel slipcase (courtesy of the really cool guys down at cutlasercut) I don't have any pictures of the slipcase, as I only got it really close to the deadline, but I should have some within a week or two. All of the artwork was airbrushed monotone, photographed and manipulated in Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Elect Exist

Short story based on idling. The narrative is a piecing together of things I read during the project, The Bible, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Road To Los Angeles (which doesn't get enough credit) and The Critic As Artist. It's about the reinvention of morals, dismissing the Protestant work ethic, The idle man as the overhuman.



JUST prepped this to get lasered onto my steel slipcase. The image is quite dark, but it needs to take into consideration the dullness of the metal. Now to do the rest of the coverart. shit.