My Vinyl Weighs A Ton

Steel Slipcase
Detail - Halftone Lasered Steeeeel

Got my slipcase for DOOM 'Born Like This' behind a camera and got some photos of it. The lasering wasn't 100% successful because of a gradual bend in the surface of the steel towards the edge where it was welded, BUT since it's all battered anyway it added to the aesthetic. The image is the same as the LP cover, originally airbrushed. To prep it, it was darkened considerably, grayscaled and halftoned and sent to the awesome guys down at Cutlasercut who then rubbed magic juice on it and shot it up with a laser.



Getting back into drawing more, messed around with a couple inks and acrylic to get a flesh tone. Think I'm going to try using more colours and see where this goes, maybe get some of these printed as postcards to sell come exhibition time.



I haven't drawn much because of uni coming to an end, I no longer have to dumb down anything and am free to be an real illustrator now. So I'm upping my drawing time and going to do loads, so I can improve rather than falling off. There's a print sale this sunday at Jaguar Shoes, I'm trying to get a couple prints together for that and I don't want to be out of the groove, come and buy some donuts, cake and paper with stuff on it made by 3rd Year LCC Illustration BA.