Sketch 2010 II

Some drawings of people I perved on during my travels this week...

in other news, I'm working on a new album cover art project, which I can't leak just yet, but will be done real soon.




17 Days

This record store (The Vinyl Resting Place) donated a good few crates of 7's to my local charity shop, I thought it closed down, but turns out they were shifting stock. Diggin' crates I found a load of Prince singles 20p a pop son.

Sketchbook 2010

I've been drawing a lot more recently, which was something I neglected because of uni, I was reading more than drawing, so it's good to draw again. Really been trying to get back on top of things, and train my eye with drawing exercises that I thought were useless in school, but apparently aren't. Right now I'm pushing a Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal, they aight, a bit of a nightmare to scan since they are so thick and the paper is a bit on the thin side. I said I wouldn't, hook back up with moleskines, at least for drawing.

Playground III

Last in the series of burlesque illustrations, this ones been on the back burner for ages because of the bullshit that is uni. Unfortunately the later ones came out better composed than the earlier few, but that's life brother.