Frank Prelim

Prelim drawings for Frank's Wild Years. I'm trying to make this a quick one, so nothing too tight with regards to linework and detail. Working on how I'm going to draw it and character development, I'm going to stick with this. Not sure if I'm going to bring in colour except for the end, possibly black and grey for the first three quarters. I'll try and post some colour experiments before I go to colouring.



I haven't been doing much drawing, but I'm back on it, working on a comic for Frank's Wild Years which I've been saying I would do for a while, with any luck it'll be done by the end of the week.

Sketch 2010 III

I've been lucky this week and managed to sit opposite a man with a real life eyepatch and a herd of buddhist monks. Result.



Got the gig doing art direction for Cally's 'A Midnight Snack EP' of which you should download and show support to (good) UK artists. I've known Cally for a while now and those of you that know me will know that I'm a connoisseur of hip-hop and all round a-hole. So when Cally told me he was releasing an album, I didn't take much notice of his usual folderol...until I heard him that is. His writing and musical direction is accelerating at a speed that in retrospect, leaves this EP miles behind.

When you listen to music, you sometimes hear something that affects you as profound and that doesn't happen very often. A pleasant disturbance. Excuse the clich├ęd examples, but they are milestones for a reason. It's like the first time I heard 'I Used to love H.E.R.' or when the intro ended and the drums and the opening lines on 'N.Y. State of Mind' begin. I'm clearly exaggerating about this EP. I would be a dickhead to compare. But I can say, he's touched me at times, take what you will from that.

Dare I say he's going to be the next Ty. I'm not just saying that because he's a four-eyed black man either.
SO look out for the album, which should be out soon (with a beauty of a hand-printed sleeve and gold spot colour cover by me)

Download it here.

excuse me I have to go wipe the shit of my nose now.

Excursion into hair

I went for a much needed haircut and during the usual four hour wait, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some filling for the sandwich that is my skecthbook - which, is looking quite weathered these days after my successful attempt of saving this mexican wrestler mug from it's cruel life in a foreigner's bar by smuggling it in my handbag. I of course only checked to see if it was full an hour and a half later.