Got the gig doing art direction for Cally's 'A Midnight Snack EP' of which you should download and show support to (good) UK artists. I've known Cally for a while now and those of you that know me will know that I'm a connoisseur of hip-hop and all round a-hole. So when Cally told me he was releasing an album, I didn't take much notice of his usual folderol...until I heard him that is. His writing and musical direction is accelerating at a speed that in retrospect, leaves this EP miles behind.

When you listen to music, you sometimes hear something that affects you as profound and that doesn't happen very often. A pleasant disturbance. Excuse the clich├ęd examples, but they are milestones for a reason. It's like the first time I heard 'I Used to love H.E.R.' or when the intro ended and the drums and the opening lines on 'N.Y. State of Mind' begin. I'm clearly exaggerating about this EP. I would be a dickhead to compare. But I can say, he's touched me at times, take what you will from that.

Dare I say he's going to be the next Ty. I'm not just saying that because he's a four-eyed black man either.
SO look out for the album, which should be out soon (with a beauty of a hand-printed sleeve and gold spot colour cover by me)

Download it here.

excuse me I have to go wipe the shit of my nose now.

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