drawing of Bansi...I've been drawing a lot from life as of late, been neglecting my imagination a little, so I'm going to do some stuff off the top of the dome, mix it up, not rely on ref as much... Should have a few more bits coming up, my piece for this year's Tata Gala and some more colouring and comp studies this week.



Trying to do stuff everyday, even if it is from photo ref. Doing more digital colouring too, nothing too heavy mind, a few multiply layers and being careful not to over-colour.



Decided I don't do enough digital colouring, so this. I drew this broad and everything, looked at some other photos of her and said oh my I have larger breasts than her, then I realised it was a dude. Don't pretend that you wouldn't. (Photo credits Mert & Marcus)


Warmups III

More warm up studies in ink. Some digital colouring and bigger projects to come. No longer shall I be a bum.


Warmup II

Needed a bit of a rest after Frank's Wild Years, there's a few pages in it I'm going to redo, I think they could read a bit better and get some colouring in there. Thought I'd do some warmups to start of the day.