Tata Gala Submission

This is my submission for Tata Gala, which I've been wanting to do for ages, hopefully it'll get in... it'll be sooo good to show with all the REALLY good artists that are their. Like I said before, I was messing around with mixing inks, these are FW white, black, scarlet, process cyan, process yellow and possibly a bit of magenta, which got painted over eventually. Just hope that if it get in, I have enough time to send it over! It's up in their 'Distinguished Merit' online gallery *ahem* which is kinda cool. Proceeds go towards cancer of the boob, so if you're in the area, go have a look and maybe buy some amazing art!


This Week

I've haven't been to busy drawing this week, I've been on the business side of things. BUT when I did draw, I drew this man (above). If you have seen him or know him, you will already know that this is the guy who dresses like he lives in a video game (if Zelda and Halo ever did a mashup game). I naturally stalked him and drew the hell out of him. If you know this guy let me know.
In other news, I landed the honour of being the first feature for the 'An Author a Month' initiative from Moleskine. You can read my interview here (which, mainly discusses... you guessed it. Moleskines) A big thankyou goes to Moleskinerie for arranging it!


Frank's Wild Years Inks

Some more inks from the Frank's Wild Years comic, not coloured yet, this one might be a dead project, I worked on it for my degree soooo going to start some new graphic novel/mini comics for the sake of change. It's got to one of those stages where it's stagnated a bit, so I may very well return to it at some point.



A couple drawings whilst getting the train to work this week...my sketchbook isn't too healthy after getting pretty wet a while ago, but it had loads of pages left so I'm going to finish it.



I've been messing around with mixing inks a lot lately, it seems a lot harder to get a muddy outcome than using paints for example. Anyway this is one of a few warmup studies I've been doing to test medium and mixing and stuff.