Gun Crazy

Process blog for the last illustration I did. Reference for this was from the movie of the same title. I worked with a still for a majority of the pose and fabric draping, but abandoned it when it came to drawing the faces, so I wasn't just making a copy of the still. Made a lot of revisions with the faces (as can be seen on the heavily erased prelim), it was one of those days. I actually prefer the line work and feel of prelim, the final drawing was quite tight and it's easy to lose movement when your lines become more precise rather than gestural. Scanned at 600dpi, chose to keep the colouring quite flat too, going to work on colouring a bit more with the next few pieces...



In other news, my website stuartruel.com is finally up (albeit with little work on there, I'm in the process of uploading stuff to it) you should go check it out and that. Developed by the very talented scumbag that is Pedro Duarte.

Freedom & Hope

This week I drew a tattoo design for Pedro. The design is an adapted one from Russian Criminal Tattoos that I redesigned to make the mermaids hips less birthing and her boobs look less like an ass with nipples. He wanted to keep the detail and dot work of the Russian style, but make it more Sailor Jerryesque. The design was then expertly tattooed by Marcio Bornholdt, I'll post another pic when it heals!


Some drawings from this week, I've mainly been painting, doing some new portfolio pieces, thumbnailing and stuff. See, one thing that happens in uni is that they don't remind you that nobody wants to see your shitty experimental exploration projects in the real world. So I'm revising my portfolio with some new work. Trying to invest more time in pieces too, more painting, more composing!