After seeing Francis Vallejo's gesture studies (more on his blog here) I felt excited enough to do some of my own. I kind of avoid gestural studies because I'm not too good at the quicker studies. I started with really quick gesture studies then moved to longer periods, but my initial gesture studies were pretty off, so I think working backwards is better for me (starting with longer studies and then moving towards quicker, looser studies) so that I get some better movement and flow in my lines. Going to do my next lot in brush and ink, I think it might force me to loosen up a bit.


  1. Nice drawings,
    i need to get into drawing gestures again, ive been doing too many long pose paintings in class.
    ive been messing a lot with brush and ink, espically pen/nibs. its crazy awesome dude, and cant wait to see what you do with them!

  2. Thanks dude! your paintings are looking awesome! Makes me want to paint more, I haven't in a while :( Get some of those ink studies up on your blog, would be great to see them!