Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody. I didn't get any trick or treaters this year, they would of course receive nothing, because I was busy colouring this. Plus all I seem to have in my house is pasta and a wide selection of teas. They don't really need more sweets, what they need is a father figure...the scummy begging bastards. I decided to get Gary Oldman and his scrotum like face with the bouffant out and get him to slobber over Wilhelmina's face just like I would. I then wrote 'Happy Halloween' at the bottom to let you know my intentions this Halloween.



Here's a bit of process behind this one. It started out as a sketch with no intention of being anything else, but I liked it so I decided to ink it again...twice and then colour it. Yeeeeeaaaah.

Below is actually the second one I inked, since I decided the figures were too far apart. Alas, after this I decided they were too close and reverted back to the original inked image, I even considered using the one in my sketchbook, because the inking was much looser.

I do knock about this a lot - the retention of fluidity in inking - which is what I think makes a good inker. Inking when all the blacks are laid down that doesn't look like it's been pencilled at all. Not too tight and not too loose. I'll stop there because it's starting to sound sexual and I may get aroused.

Here's the finished thing and that's how it happened. I finished digitally and kept the original text in. You can buy the print here if you like maybe, if you wanna.

In other news, I got interviewed at the awesome site that is ProcessMade and you can read the interview here, also if you wanna.


Roll River

Haven't blogged in ages, here's a couple drawings until I get up something more uuuup. I usually only carry around a mechanical 2B, because it's reliable and doesn't need sharpening, mechanical is getting comfortable and too precise, so it's time I started carrying something else, maybe I'll stick with these soft pencils for while. I heard you should do that when you start to feel comfortable, pick a totally different medium to keep you on your toes, just outside of that comfort zone...



Young Pedro riding shotgun. Pedro is wearing a beautiful 1950's loop shirt complete with birds carrying arrows/naked greek gladiators throwing javelin. LFT bitches!



A quick acrylic study. Nothing like a pair of boobs to warm up with in the morning.



I'm sitting on a train, drawing this Japanese lady. She is talking to her husband in Japanese. I don't speak Japanese nor understand it, but one word I did recognise her say was 'bukkake'. I don't know the context it was used in, but would like to imagine that's where they headed on said train.


Ad Infinitum

I finally got around to doing a piece for Power In Numbers for Gallery Nucleus, which I've been wanting to do for a while now. This came out of a sketch, just messing around with symbols and text with image. I ended up using '∞' and working with the concept of infinity and a bunch of plays on meaning and the placing of the symbol in in correspondence to the figure. The image is inked with oil glazes on paper.

This is the prelim sketch for it, which I used to work out cropping and sizing and some more compositional and stylistic elements.
These are some initial sketches, initially I had a problem with the '∞' being rotated because it looks like an '8' and was going to have this landscape, but I decided I like it better portrait and it's not that much of an issue and the title of it isn't 'eight', so I don't think there's that much confusion. If you do get confused do me a favour and jump down an empty well. As always, I think the first sketch of the piece in my sketchbook (left page) is nicer than the final one, I guess I'll have to learn how to do everything in one take so I can live with myself. Anyway, hopefully the piece will be for sale on the Gallery Nucleus website soon and a percentage of the profit will go towards Red Cross, it's a really great project with loads of amazing artists involved, have a look/contribute.




Recently did some printing work with my boy Lukey (majorly talented DJ/producer/designer) Quincey (curator) and Nadia (jewelry) for their brand Stööki. Truthfully, it was the hardest I'd worked in a long time, with invaluable help from plastic onion and petrol station water. We printed the shit out of those t-shirts. Majorly grateful to be involved, these guys put serious in work to get everything together and it's definitely the start of something HUGE.

The Launch was held in conjunction with Redbull at Redbull Studios with sets from Erol Sabadosh, Ayman Ahmed and Hipsters Don't Dance and installations and live art all arranged by the Stööki team. (Photo credits: Calvin Osei)

I took advantage of the open bar Redbull and Rum obviously, subsequently rendering it impossible for me to sleep and drunk enough to not get a boner in this here photo session. (Photo credit: Doug)

They made a highly exclusive run of t-shirts and jewelry for their debut MYM collection that are god damn niiiice and you can pick one (or all of three t-shirt x jewelry piece combos) up here.


Today's Nude

Quick life study...Aaaaand if you're an artist in the UK, check out this programme on Channel 4 called Life Class: Today's Nude. It's life drawing on the freaking tv, it's caused a bit of controversy since it's showing naked broads and old dudes on daytime TV - however, nobody seemed to care when it was all old wrinkly balls, but as soon as a young model sat (Kirsten Varley) people complained. Good show, if you can't get out to a real class. First image is a study from that show in FW and sumi brushes.


Been doing more experimenting with stuff, trying to draw from imagination more than previously and include more of a sense of play in image making. Life drawing is great for keeping a good eye for proportion and detail, but one thing I've learnt is not to neglect drawing from imagination. It is not bound by accuracy and representation in the same way and can allow you to be more free in play and process. Drawing from imagination uses complex symbols that aren't used as much when drawing from observation, but it is these symbols that gives an artist individuality and often gives an image a soul.



Haven't blogged in ages it seems! I've been pretty busy, have a few things coming up and a few jobs I can't blog just yet! First image is a rough for a series of pieces Power in Numbers for Gallery Nucleus, A LOT of really amazing artists involved and part of proceeds go to charity, it's a really amazing project please have a look/buy/participate. Aaaand those sketchbook zines I mentioned will be available by the end of the week so check back!



Drawing that was intended for a cover piece for my rarebit comic, that I scrapped in favour of another drawing...

In other news my shop is up and running and you can buy prints here and I'll be putting up more stuff, some screenprints and zines will be up there soon! There's also some small prints (10") up on Esty which aren't available on the website.

Stoked I made my first international print sale to Australia, so a copy of the 'Four Sheets...' giclée in a custom tube with a little Minara study to say thanks!



...every artist needs a one right?



I'm working in a new moleskine for 2011 and I've switched to carrying a pencil because I was getting a bit too comfortable carrying a ballpoint - gonna switch mediums every 2-3 weeks just to keep on my toes. Right now I've been doing a lot of inking, it's filtering through into my linework and I'm being more gestural, whereas I would sketch a line out in several strokes I'm trying to hit it in one stroke first time. It's good practice for inking and I get to concentrate on quality of line without the permanency of ink, which can make you over consider a line before you do it.


Gun and Boob

You know I be drawing them hoes errday. I've been back on inking with brushes recently and I like the outcome better than nib, but it is just a hell of a lot more technical. I've found I'm working best on smoother surfaces like bristol, even though I do like to dry brush and that tends to work better on something with a bit of tooth...This was done in a moleskine with FW ink. Tried a new bit of colouring that I've been meaning to try for a while, got my Adam Hughes on and tried changing the colour of linework according to subject matter, which works well in fleshing out the image a bit.



As I said, I've been practicing my brush work to up my comic chi-kung. In the process I did pick up a nib and feel way more comfortable using it for comic work. I can get a nice variety of line width and control. I think I can push it a bit more because I'm not so scared of it going out of control...Not a bad thing but I need to master brush inking, I just prefer the line quality where it's evident, the looseness and flow of the line, Paul Pope and Nathan Fox are two of my favourite inkers for that reason. I'll mix the two for now, nib for tight lines and brush to block in and stuff.


New Gallery

This is a detail of the piece I did for New Gallery Jumble in Camberwell, I went to uni with Tia (who organised the whole thing) and dearsweetagatha was trading there too. It was the first New Gallery Jumble and it went really well, really busy and think I'm going to do some more stuff for the next one... This was done in ivory black and titanium white acrylic then glazed with white spirit and oils, which is something I've never tried before. I haven't tried turps over acrylic but word is it strips the acrylic and spirits are gentle enough to glaze with, so this might be something I'll return to. Used a similar palette to my favourite Dean Cornwell painting, Dean is the man.



A few sketches from my adventures on the trains of foggy London town. The last three people I've drawn have all looked similar, they are all different though, I swear. Plus, I think it's time to get a new sketchbook for this year, working in this water damaged thing isn't doing it for me, I'm going back to a moleskine for my travel drawing. So here they are including a sleeping lady. And yeah I did feel like a creep drawing a lady sleeping, but that's what the man wants us to feel like man. If I want to draw a sleeping lady and she doesn't know it, I'll do it man. You can do anything providing you don't leave fingerprints and dna...right?