As I said, I've been practicing my brush work to up my comic chi-kung. In the process I did pick up a nib and feel way more comfortable using it for comic work. I can get a nice variety of line width and control. I think I can push it a bit more because I'm not so scared of it going out of control...Not a bad thing but I need to master brush inking, I just prefer the line quality where it's evident, the looseness and flow of the line, Paul Pope and Nathan Fox are two of my favourite inkers for that reason. I'll mix the two for now, nib for tight lines and brush to block in and stuff.


  1. I don't have much experience in comics, but when i was doing involved ink work for band merch, i found it convenient to switch between nibs and brushes. The nibs allowed me to be tight with the parts that needed to look just so, and the brush allowed me to let go of my often too controlling grip on my art. Give it a shot!

  2. I've only tried alternating a few times, I'd really love to do all the tight work with brush, but I guess it requires a bit more practice! But I'll definitely be doing more inking so I'll be sure to give it a go again!