Today's Nude

Quick life study...Aaaaand if you're an artist in the UK, check out this programme on Channel 4 called Life Class: Today's Nude. It's life drawing on the freaking tv, it's caused a bit of controversy since it's showing naked broads and old dudes on daytime TV - however, nobody seemed to care when it was all old wrinkly balls, but as soon as a young model sat (Kirsten Varley) people complained. Good show, if you can't get out to a real class. First image is a study from that show in FW and sumi brushes.


Been doing more experimenting with stuff, trying to draw from imagination more than previously and include more of a sense of play in image making. Life drawing is great for keeping a good eye for proportion and detail, but one thing I've learnt is not to neglect drawing from imagination. It is not bound by accuracy and representation in the same way and can allow you to be more free in play and process. Drawing from imagination uses complex symbols that aren't used as much when drawing from observation, but it is these symbols that gives an artist individuality and often gives an image a soul.



Haven't blogged in ages it seems! I've been pretty busy, have a few things coming up and a few jobs I can't blog just yet! First image is a rough for a series of pieces Power in Numbers for Gallery Nucleus, A LOT of really amazing artists involved and part of proceeds go to charity, it's a really amazing project please have a look/buy/participate. Aaaand those sketchbook zines I mentioned will be available by the end of the week so check back!