Recently did some printing work with my boy Lukey (majorly talented DJ/producer/designer) Quincey (curator) and Nadia (jewelry) for their brand Stööki. Truthfully, it was the hardest I'd worked in a long time, with invaluable help from plastic onion and petrol station water. We printed the shit out of those t-shirts. Majorly grateful to be involved, these guys put serious in work to get everything together and it's definitely the start of something HUGE.

The Launch was held in conjunction with Redbull at Redbull Studios with sets from Erol Sabadosh, Ayman Ahmed and Hipsters Don't Dance and installations and live art all arranged by the Stööki team. (Photo credits: Calvin Osei)

I took advantage of the open bar Redbull and Rum obviously, subsequently rendering it impossible for me to sleep and drunk enough to not get a boner in this here photo session. (Photo credit: Doug)

They made a highly exclusive run of t-shirts and jewelry for their debut MYM collection that are god damn niiiice and you can pick one (or all of three t-shirt x jewelry piece combos) up here.


  1. hey stuart!
    how aaare you mister man?!
    this silkscreen printing looks sweeeet, I actually bought a black and white half tone printed tee the other day - i'm a sucker for it!
    i'm still print-tastic too!
    hope you're well, high fives from me!
    ashley! :)

  2. Ashalaaa! I'm good! Halftones are cool! hey are you that desert island of yours and coming down to London for any of the exhibitions? LCC is on the 30th, come! would be good to see you!x