Here's a bit of process behind this one. It started out as a sketch with no intention of being anything else, but I liked it so I decided to ink it again...twice and then colour it. Yeeeeeaaaah.

Below is actually the second one I inked, since I decided the figures were too far apart. Alas, after this I decided they were too close and reverted back to the original inked image, I even considered using the one in my sketchbook, because the inking was much looser.

I do knock about this a lot - the retention of fluidity in inking - which is what I think makes a good inker. Inking when all the blacks are laid down that doesn't look like it's been pencilled at all. Not too tight and not too loose. I'll stop there because it's starting to sound sexual and I may get aroused.

Here's the finished thing and that's how it happened. I finished digitally and kept the original text in. You can buy the print here if you like maybe, if you wanna.

In other news, I got interviewed at the awesome site that is ProcessMade and you can read the interview here, also if you wanna.

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